Frequently Asked Questions:
1.  Do you sell bulk beef (whole. half. quarters)?  We are no longer offering whole/half beef.  As the demand for our beef has grown faster than our ability to increase our cow herd we are not accepting new bulk beef customers.  We have over 50 beef customers that have been with us through the years and we will still offer  bulk beef to them. 

2.  Are your beef grass-fed? We are working on it!  We have been developing our high-quality beef for over 18 years and during that time we have established a very faithful customer base for our beef.  They aren’t interested in us changing our beef.  But we also have some new customers who have valid reasons for desiring grassfed beef.  In 2012 we started offering grassfed groundbeef and burgers.  They were very well received.  We are still working on our process and genetics in order to get the level of finish we desire in our beef before we offer grassfed steaks & roasts, but they are coming!  We hope to offer a full lineup of grassfed products in early 2014.

3.  So you never use antibiotics? The meat from any of our animals that need to be treated with antibiotics due to illness or injury will NOT be sold to our customers.  We never use antibiotics in our feeds.

4. Do you offer delivery? During the farmers’ market season we deliver to the Original Downtown Market in Indy, Greencastle, Brownsburg, Plainfield and Avon.  During the offseason we can work out delivery for a small fee or make arrangements when we are in your area. 

5. Can we visit the farm? Absolutely!  Contact us to set up a time to bring the family out for a visit.  You can  watch for announcements about special events on our Facebook page.

6. Do you offer fresh chickens? Yes, but you need to come to the farm on the day we return from the processor.  We have chickens harvested every month so you just need to watch the Facebook page for those dates. 

7.  Do you offer raw milk or dairy products? We are pleased to announce that we have developed a working relationship with a good friend to be able to offer cowshares for our customers.  If you are interested in affordable raw milk from a trusted source please contact us.

8.  Do you sell off the farm or in stores?  During the market season we have limited on-farm hours although we are usually open on Friday afternoons.  During the offseason we are open on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 3:00-5:30pm and Saturdays from 10:00am-1:00pm.  You can also find our products in Myers’ Market in Greencastle and The Right Food Shoppe in Plainfield.