Our Story

About Red Barn Farms
In 1947 Eugene Dorsett purchased an 87 acre farm just outside of Greencastle to raise his family.  While the farm has grown over the years, the Red Barn has always stood as the central feature of the farm.  Forty years later his daughter, Audra, returned to the farm with her husband Bud Holton.  From 1988 they managed the farm, added property, remodeled buildings and began improving the cattle herd.  The Holton family took over ownership of the farm in 1993.  In 1994, Tom Holton felt an urge to come home to farm with his parents.  He and his fiance, Kathryn Jefferson, were married in 1996.  The Holton family worked together on a daily basis to improve the land and the cattle.  In the spring of 2010, Tom took a leap of faith to end his career off the farm and begin the transition process to full-time farming.  The driving force behind this decision was a passion for feeding people healthy food at an affordable price. In 2015 Tom heard the calling to become a minister and was telling his story to the local feed man where he purchased his feed. That night the local feed guy was telling his wife about 30 cows for sale and he would like to buy them and rent the pasture they were on. The following week the local feed guy approached the Holtons about his interest and by the end of the week Red Barn Farms was purchased and Rick and Rhonda Woodall were the new caretakers.